Inspired by David Wilcock and Corey Goode’s Cosmic Disclosure, “Origination” relates to the ancient origins of human life. It seems that reality is manufactured the second we leave the womb, as we endlessly absorb other’s beliefs, thoughts and ideas. It’s never too late to turn off the television, begin questioning what has been fed to us for decades, and start thinking for ourselves.


Waking Infinity


The infinite cycle of life, from childhood to the moment of death. From birth to adulthood, we undergo many transformations and experiences, shaping who we are. Some tormenting and others euphoric, all bring us closer to understanding the true meaning of life.


Mr. Fascination


“Fascination” is a self-reflective piece. I’ve always found the stereotypical, carnivalesque personality mysterious yet extremely relatable. Welcoming men, women, and children of all ages into a place where dreams come to life. This concept can be tied into carnivals, shows, games as well as the wondrous nature of the Universe.

Tightroping in outer space is symbolic for how many of us perceive the world around us. Whether we look down at our feet as we shake uncontrollably, or hold our head high in awe as we admire the magnificence of the Universe. So much of our experience depends on perspective, allowing us to choose how we react and respond to exterior stimuli.



Reminiscing about my childhood, “Imagination” reflects the imagination in children, some bright and others dark, but nevertheless brilliant. As we grow older, society tells us what is and what isn’t. Some of us spend our entire lives in attempt to rediscover that inner-creativity that was once lost.

As this child blows a bubble, he imagines the unthinkable. The concept of the imagination  is often understood as “unreal”, hence the word “imaginary” is used by individuals to describe something that isn’t physical. The imagination invokes emotion, thought, experience and more, regardless of which reality we perceive them in.

To many, the imagination is nonexistent. To some, the imagination can create fear. To the child, his imagination is a reflection of his own thoughts. The child is just as real as the observer’s own reflection, but the thoughts that change him and make him who he is go unrecognized.




“Meditation” was inspired by the many symbols of our ancient history as well as the digital age we are faced with today. By combining esoteric concepts with progressive technology, my goal is to highlight the “new age” perception of what we are and what we may become. Will we ever get to a point where our reality is manufactured? Perhaps we already are.

Following a steampunk theme, my goal is to highlight to the nature of duality. From organic to synthetic or natural to industrial, there must always be balance. When there is not balance, nature corrects itself. The question is, how do we balance technology with natural elements to create harmony?

There has been constant discussion on the future of man. Some think the goal of future technology is to live forever. Wouldn’t living forever completely defy life itself, which in some eyes is to learn, experience, and move on. Every life we live teaches us something new, challenging us to reach the next level of spiritual evolution. Technology and advancement is inevitable, but where do we draw the line? What level of technology separates us from the organic beauty that created us?

Sacred Feminine


“Sacred Feminine” was inspired by the sacred female archetype passed down since the dawn of time. This picture represents the goddess in all stories, traditions, and cultures. As Gloria Amendola author of The Divine Feminine explains, “These traditions are mystical, magical, powerful, and part of primal Mother Earth.”

Incorporating aspects of various indigenous cultures, this piece is intended to bring attention to the civilizations, species and traditions before us that have seemingly been forgotten by modern man. Have modern societies transcended from these cultures, or have we completely ignored the wisdom and communal traditions of our ancestors?

One of the biggest challenges we face ourselves with is unity. The tribal mentality works as one entity: hunting, building, growing, nurturing the young, creating music, and beyond, everyone contributes to the whole. From neighborhood to neighborhood, it’s almost become tradition for some of us to divide, separate, and categorize ourselves into race, class, and religion, and vilify others for their differences.

Is it comfort? Are we afraid to be “wrong” or have our core beliefs challenged? What would happen if we had to work together to save our species?



“Ascension” is intended to highlight the true-potential of every individual, despite race, gender, class, or religion. Many of us feel tied down and restricted throughout life as we acquiesce to daily routine and social standards, desperately struggling to fulfill obligations that don’t honor our species, community, and planet.

My goal was to tie in the four physical elements of our on-earth experience. This picture features an individual pulled from captivity by an unknown hand. The eye on the master hand symbolizes an awakening through the detachment of what has been created for us.

Some perceive the earth as our captor, but what truly holds captive? Is it the earth or is it debt, belief, agenda or even the media? This picture is about freeing the mind, not so much the physical body. When one takes control of their mind, any state of mind is possible, even in the harshest of scenarios.

King of Consciousness


“King of Consciousness” highlights the power, sensitivity and fluidity of our own thoughts as we move through space and time in this unorthodox Universe. Even if it’s just for a fraction of a second, art has the ability to hold us captive to an alternate reality. Too often, we judge what is and what shouldn’t be, while others explore the possibilities of what could be. My pictures are here to encourage you to push your own limits and challenge your reality.

The picture focuses on the “King of Consciousness”, an abstract individual in a world comprised of many different elements. Containing elements from different worlds, for example, oceans, clouds, meditation, floral patterns, and more, this piece was a spark to my exploration of ideas translated to an image. The word “Live” is hidden, and as the inaugural piece to this continuous series, I always encourage the viewer to look closely for hidden messages, objects, and characters.